Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Family Camp Out

We held our family camp out in Norther Idaho.
Beware that this is a post full of pictures. ENJOY!

Zoe the beach babe.

Tatum playing in the river.

Tatum fishing.

Keva and Tatum are best friends. It is so fun watching the play together.


Zoe eating apples.

They must be good.

Tatum is so sweet with Zoe. She reads her stories, helps her walk, and plays with her.

Tatum and Jaci on a ride.

Zoe playing in the river.

Zoe relaxing in the sun.

Tatum and Keva floating down the river.

Ty floating down the river.

Zoe and Sandra enjoying the ride.

Zoe playing with the worms. Every time she touched them she would squeal. It was so cute.

Zoe checking to see if she caught a fish.

Zoe's first time fishing.

What cute cousins.

Cousins and buddies. Zoe loved following Gabe around.


Zoe is a four wheeling hottie.

Zoe with her daddy (Levi).

What a cutie.

They were so fun to watch.


Brothers - Josh, Levi and Jesse. The trail behind them was wicked steep.

Christine and Jesse on our four wheeler ride.

Josh riding four wheelers.

Levi and Sandra at the top of the mountain.


Big steep drop behind Sandra.

Levi and Sandra four wheeling with the family.

We stopped and posed at Gobblers Knob.




Zoe holding flowers her daddy gave her.

Zoe "smelling" the flowers her daddy gave her.

Feeding Aunt Jaci.

What a tease.

Grandpa Todd and Zoe.

Zoe with Grandpa Todd and Grandma Marnie.

Jaci picking huckleberries.

Sandra had to get into the huckleberry picking action too. So YUMMY!

We had so much fun minus the bug bites. We truly enjoyed visiting with everyone. 

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Most of the Smith family spent Thanksgiving with Levi and Sandra in South Jordan, Utah. Todd, Marine, Cooper, Terri, Ryan, Ty and Keva arrived on Wednesday night. We ate dinner and spent the rest of the night catching up.

On Thanksgiving day Jason joined the group. We ate dinner and then played a poker tourniment for prizes.
First place: Terri won a Scene It Sienfield DVD Game
Second place: Levi won a bag of peanut M&M's and a cholocate bar with almonds

Friday night we rode trax to Temple Square to see the lights.